Sunday, May 15, 2011


Though I'm a trail lov'n hunt'n dog.... I'm also quite the fashionable girl,
within the bounds of safety and health, of course.
I've modeled for CanineDesigns on Etsy, my picture has appeared in two publications, and I often get requests to take my photo on the trail.
Here I am in a few of my outfits.
How do I look?  What do you think is my best color?

wearing Laura Herbertson in green
my "everyone must have a red sweater" sweater
my Easter Bonnet (I agree to wearing hats only on very  rare occasions)

Bandannas are cool in sunny yellow
my purple Tummy Warmer
my Petite Mademoiselle collar
in french blue , ooh la la (another Laura Herbertson)

collared for the beach in Hawaiian print

Reflective Orange - what every fashionVizsta girl wears to point a bird

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