Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heaven Came to My Door....Window

It was quite a shock, and extremely exciting, to look out of our second story bedroom window
and see this huge bird had materialized out of no where. 

It was like the best every doggie dream come true.

I was more than willing to give chase on the roof, agile agility dog that I am.
So far, that has been discouraged.   I'm still hopeful.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Though I'm a trail lov'n hunt'n dog.... I'm also quite the fashionable girl,
within the bounds of safety and health, of course.
I've modeled for CanineDesigns on Etsy, my picture has appeared in two publications, and I often get requests to take my photo on the trail.
Here I am in a few of my outfits.
How do I look?  What do you think is my best color?

wearing Laura Herbertson in green
my "everyone must have a red sweater" sweater
my Easter Bonnet (I agree to wearing hats only on very  rare occasions)

Bandannas are cool in sunny yellow
my purple Tummy Warmer
my Petite Mademoiselle collar
in french blue , ooh la la (another Laura Herbertson)

collared for the beach in Hawaiian print

Reflective Orange - what every fashionVizsta girl wears to point a bird

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Point of View

Yesterday, we enjoyed a warm day, treed a raccoon, chased a herd of deer, stood quietly watching a red-bellied woodpecker drilling overhead, enjoyed the eerie peace of answering calls of a pair of barred owls, greeted dog friends, and enjoyed some socializing.  Today, we rolled on a deer carcass, slid both flanks through a very dead fish, saw no one and got wet and cold. .... I like dog walking some days more than others.  --Susan

Yesterday, we did an awesome job running really fast and chasing LOTS of interesting animals in the woods, watched attentively and hopefully for birds we could point and flush, sniffed and played with some dog friends, collected compliments from humans and patiently waited to share treats with friends.  But TODAY, we found some fantastic natural perfuming opportunities, had the trail all to ourselves, so got to chase ALL the birds and squirrels, didn't have to wait around, sniffed up loads of "doggie news" and I didn't have to wait for or share my treats. ...  Every day is a great day when out walking, but some days are even better than others.  --Tia

Friday, February 11, 2011

Vizslatine's Day

On this special day of Vizslatine, I want want to send Vizsla hugs and kisses to my one and only true love and boyfriend ...

Sparky, Max, Watson, Max, Shaq, Bob,Ivan, Samu, Colby, Coby, Cody, Kahn
Master Duncan, Master Bailey, Master Cannon, Noah, O'Malley, Charley, Anchor
Henry, Arti, Monty, Montage, Winky, Bodi, Toby, Gibs, Buddy, Cisco, 
Rascal, Gus, Moscow, Noble, Franz

                                                      I'm such a shameless, wilely girl!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brave Hunt'n Dog

Usually I'm a very brave, not afraid of anything, bring it on, hunt'n dog!

But every now and then everyone has to rely on her friends. Yeah for friends!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

No Smoking

NO --- I DON'T smoke and that's NOT
    a CIGAR!!  If I did smoke, I'm sure I'd use one of those fancy long filters and say "Daaaarlinck" with a Hungarian accent.