Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vizlantine Therapy

I recently began a new career - as a therapy dog.  My Guardian and I are new at this, but I'm catching on very quickly.  And I really enjoy doing it, since I get so many "you're beautiful." comments, lots of petting, and often an invitation for a snuggle.  What's not to like?!!   I start wagging my tail when we start our walk up to the facility we visit each week, just so there's no mistaking that I'd like to come back.

We meet and talk to all kinds of people at the facility.  Some are hurt and recuperating, some are a bit confused, and some are at the point in life when it's just hard to get around.  Men and women, young and old, some in bed, others in wheelchairs or walkers. I've learned how to approach them and try to relate to them all to make their day a little better, as they make mine better with their attention.

We've done a couple special things.  Like dressing up with other therapy dog teams for a Valentine Day parade (not all the other dogs know it's really Vizlantine Day).

Also, since there are several Veteran's at the facility, I learned to salute.  I have a favorite Marine who salutes me back!  This is as far as I plan to go with military behavior.  I've been promised I won't have to learn how to do push-ups or KP duty, though as an avid trail dog, I might like the marching.

Think I'm going to like my new career as a Therapy Dog.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wintry Trails

Should explain what I've been doing since my last blog post.....but will let that wait til another time.
Wanted to pay tribute to winter trail adventures..... whether out with just your guardian......

or out with trail buddies....

 you've got to love a winter trail adventure!