Monday, August 30, 2010


I found out recently that the advice, "Start small and work your way up.", does not apply to hunting rabbits.  I was very proud of my effort, but apparently this is an area where one is expected to start big, not catch little bunnies.  So sorry, I didn't know.


  1. Hi Tia!

    My mommy Kayla hunts and catches baby bunnies, too. They call her Killer Kayla. But it's not her fault -- they say that it's in her blood from my grandma Kestrel (a fellow Szizlin girl).


  2. After the Advice posting, I got an invitation from my human's aunt to hang out in her garden in West Chester PA where many rabbits of all ages are said to be taking unappreciated liberties with the salad possibilities. Not everyone discourages bunny hunting, it appears. And that invite came from a nice Quaker lady!